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As the defamation per se lawsuits move forward involving perjuring priest Bob Malm and Kelly Motormouth Gable, there’s a bit of history that needs to be shared. That includes my correspondence with Kelly shortly after leaving RPJ Housing — which, as one can see from the date of the letter and the reference to Grace Church — happened while I was a member of Grace Church. Thus, it proves that Bob Malm lied to bishop Shannon Johnston, and gives some insight into Kelly’s questionable conduct.

The letter centers on a surprise I got shortly after leaving RPJ Housing, which was that my personal Facebook account had been taken over. A little bit of investigating revealed that this was done by Kelly Gable, and done from RPJ Housing’s offices at 2666 Military Road in Arlington. At the time, she was the only employee working from the office.
How do I know that? Simple — the IP addresses connected with her efforts to remove my email address, change my password and more reflect RPJ Housing’s static IP address for its network. (An IP address is the unique identifier assigned to every network on the web.) Furthermore, one can explicitly see that Kelly added her RPJ Housing work email address to the account. It was only after I contacted Dino Panagopoulos, the organization’s attorney, that the matter was resolved. And the logs attached to the email make clear the extent of Kelly’s activities.
So, while I thought that the conflict with Kelly had been resolved in the weeks following this letter, Kelly’s defamatory per se comments in 2017 put things in a whole new light. 
Meanwhile, one has to ask why Kelly thought it would be okay to go into someone else’s Facebook account, change their password, take out their email address, and add her own. Or even why on this green earth she would want to; surely she had better ways to spend her time, particularly since the organization’s lender, VHDA, elected to default the entire RPJ loan portfolio as a result of my departure, and that of Melissa Simmons, my director of property management. (All VHDA loans contain a retention of rights provision and a cross-default provision. Thus, allegations that a prior RPJ employee had submitted forged zoning documents in conjunction with the acquisition of a property allowed VHDA to immediately default the entire portfolio, including the tax credit properties in Front Royal, upon my departure from the organization.)

As the letter makes very clear, my account contained no RPJ intellectual property, so there was absolutely no reason to try to take it over. And Kelly’s conduct in this matter provides a useful context to evaluate her other weird claims.

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