BREAKING NEWS: Motion to Amend Complaint Filed, Bob Malm Sued for Defamation Per Se

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After receiving from perjuring priest Bob Malm’s attorney a copy of the email in which Kelly Motormouth Gable falsely stated that she has first-hand knowledge that I embezzled from a previous employer, I have filed a motion for leave to file an amended complaint that sues Bob Malm for defamation per se.

In the email, Bob not only republishes Kelly’s defamatory statements, he endorses them and adds a defamatory per quod statement. To make matters worse, Bob lies to bishop Shannon Johnston, claiming that these events happened before I came to Grace Church. As perjuring priest Bob Malm well knows, they happened while I was serving on the church vestry. Indeed, Bob provided pastoral care to Kelly in conjunction with the matter, so his knowledge of the matter is not second-hand.
My guess? Perjuring priest Bob Malm wanted to discredit me, but didn’t want to admit that I was serving on the vestry at the time, which would have called into question his judgment. 
It’s also telling that Sugarland Chiow conveniently omitted this document during the earlier litigation, although he provided other documents in the email chain. Hmmmm.

Normally, such a claim would be barred by the Virginia statute of limitations, but Va. Code
§ 8.01-229 (D) “obstruction of filing by defendant” expressly tolls the statute of limitations in cases in which the prospective defendant prevents filing of the civil claim by obtaining a stay in bankruptcy, or otherwise takes legal or other action to prevent filing. Since the earliest a defamation case could be brought against Bob was January 28, 2020, I am still well within the timeframe in which to sue.

As before, I am seeking punitive damages against Bob, which could reach $350,000 per claim or more.
See the motion and amended complaint in PDF below: