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Under the leadership of ++Michael Curry and Gay Jennings+, the Episcopal church has launched a survey to study sexual- and gender-based harassment and the church’s response to it. The survey claims to be entirely anonymous and will not result in an investigation if specific names or incidents are referenced.

The link can be found at the bottom of this page.
My take? The survey does not do an adequate job of assessing how well the church is responding to these situations, although this may well come in a later survey. Specifically, Title IV is inherently flawed, for it leaves one entirely at the mercy of one’s local bishop. If that bishop is someone who, like Shannon Johnston or Susan Goff, is utterly indifferent to issues of abuse, one is left without recourse.
In that vein, I still marvel that the folks down at Mayo House can say with a straight face that Bob Malm’s perjury is not actionable on the basis that he hasn’t faced criminal charges. That of course illustrates the fundamental flaw with The Episcopal Church—it has utterly lost its ethical reference point. Moreover, Bob’s misuse of church donations, his flagrant nonfeasance involving church finances and governance, and his retaliatory conduct all speak of a church that is irrelevant to the 21st century.