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As I and many, many others march and protest for social justice, equality, and BLM, Grace Church sits silent. That’s particularly telling, given that the interim rector is black.

So, as Grace Church bloviates about being inclusive, it needs to ask the question, “Into what paradigm are we inviting people?”

If the answer is a culture and church that sits silent in the face of injustice, where clergy like Bob Malm can try to drag the dying into court, where the president tear gasses people in order to hold photo ops, where it’s okay for clergy to commit perjury, where people bully others with impunity, where black individuals die simply because they are black, and where Grace Church sits on its hands in silence, I say: “No thanks. You can keep it.”

Grace Church, it’s time to speak out for victims of injustice and oppression. Just like you promise to do every time you recite the baptismal covenant. Black lives matter. Get out of your pretty faux English country gothic heap and TAKE ACTION.

We’re waiting, and we’re watching. The time to act is now.