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Readers may recall that some time ago I experienced an issue with SGT Schultz of the Alexandria police department, who appears to feel that being a police officer allows him to push and shove citizens without justification. In response, I filed a formal complaint and, having not received a response, I recently followed up with the mayor and city council.

Here is the response I received:

While I am glad to see that the department seemingly is taking things seriously, there’s one serious catch. The catch is that I never received a response from the city’s previous investigation, which involved a member of the Professional Responsibility Unit lying, in writing, to other officers.

In other words, I’m hardly reassured.
At this point, I’m going to give it a few more days before beginning legal action against the city. While I have had a good relationship with a number of city officials over the years, I am not willing to turn a blind eye to improper conduct by the police department.