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In previous posts, I’ve talked about the fact that under perjuring priest Bob Malm, Grace Episcopal spent one out of every five dollars on Bob. That’s right—in a roughly $1 million budget, one out of every five dollars went into perjuring priest Bob Malm’s pocket.

Yes, that is shocking, and even more so because Bob’s extravagant lifestyle left him unable to pay his bills for much of that time, with not even token savings available to him and his family. Indeed, this author had to guarantee out of his personal funds the installation of the handrails outside perjuring priest Bob Malm’s home following his 2014 accident after questions arose about his ability to pay this bill, which was less than $4,000.
Similarly, while Grace claims to be a center for outreach and healing, the reality is most of its funds go to keeping the good times rolling. Whether it’s the thousands spent on flowers during the holidays, funds for the drunken blow-out that is Shrine Mont, or lavish catered farewell parties for mediocre and disruptive head of school Chris Byrnes, the priority almost always is having fun. Not feeding the hungry, not maintaining the building. Just good old narcissistic fun.
And at a time when the vestry approved a $100,000 bonus to Bob Malm, it almost simultaneously approved cutting health benefits to employees—many of whom already barely make ends meet. Nor was Bob powerless to effect change. If nothing else, he could have donated the bonus to help less fortunate staff members. But Bob will get his, even if others don’t get theirs. Do you see a pattern here?
Below is a visual dashboard of church finances under perjuring priest Bob Malm. Note that 45 percent of the church budget went to paying for Bob and the building, with the latter drastically underfunded and no effort made to set aside income for the future.
This surely is one screwed up church.
Grace Episcopal Alexandria’s Screwed Up Budget