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In Virginia, unlike other jurisdictions, the courts recognize only a very limited right to privacy, which covers use of one’s photo or name for advertising or marketing purposes. With that in mind, and in light of Grace Church’s appalling conduct over the past several years, in 2015 I asked Bob Malm in writing not to use my image in any church publications. Unfortunately, in the May edition of Grace Notes, a photo of me from 2014 appears, standing right behind Lucy Lee Reed.

For the record, I adore Lucy Lee. She is a good people and has an amazing work ethic—not to mention makes wonderful salmon! But I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I implicitly or in any other way support or condone Grace Church, the diocese, or the larger Episcopal church.
Here is the photo:

And here is my email, sent to Anne Caputo, Paul Bellantoni, parish clergy, June Huber, and the church’s attorney.

Of course, given the church’s claims in writing, made via Sugarland Chiow, that I am a “domestic terrorist,” one has to wonder who thought including my photo was a great idea.
Hopefully this is the last time the issue comes up. But if it comes up again, Grace Church and I will be locking horns in court.