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One of the things that’s very cool about is that petition signers can include their reasons for signing.

Below are a few of the comments about perjuring priest Bob Malm and The Episcopal Church.
I particularly like the observation that it is situations like this that lead to young people leaving the church. It’s spot on and underscores why the diocese can hold visioning exercises all it wants, but until it puts its ethical house in order it’s going to face continuing decline. Yes, I get that Susan Goff and the other fat cats in Mayo House are following the advice of their attorneys who are telling them to avoid anything that might lead to liability, but it’s advice that actually hurts the church in the long haul.
Just as the Catholic church  played hardball for years over its abuse, but now faces accountability, so too will the day come when The Episcopal Church will be held accountable. Whether it’s via a court of law, or via members turning their backs on the church, the Episcopal Church cannot play these sorts of games and expect to survive into the 22nd century.