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Here’s a juicy tidbit: According to this Sunday’s service bulletin, Alison Campbell is running for vestry.

That’s in keeping with Grace’s role as a toxic church. Indeed, Alison’s hypocrisy became clear to me when she, Lisa Medley aka The Princess Porcine, and a few other of the good Christian ladies of Grace Church decided to ignore the fact that Kelly Gable and I had resolved our previous conflict, which arose after a Kelly used her access to RPJ Housing email to take over my Facebook account, changing the owner’s email account to “[email protected].” 
Alison and the Princess Porcine decided to weigh in with a bunch of petty games and bullying, with Alison using the ladies of the altar guild to try and create problems. Subsequently Alison lied, telling Elizabeth Legere that she was “just the messenger.” The reality, however, is that Alison had been active behind the scenes, including telling folks that the altar guild wanted me to stay out of the sacristy. Who knew that the room belonged to the altar guild? And here I thought it was part of the church. (I also have a copy of a very interesting email in which Alison demanded that I give her access to my personal email.) Maybe those games work for Alison at VISA, but at Grace they simply serve to underscore her hypocrisy and the fact that this sort of behavior is okay at Planet Malm.
So, I encourage parishioners to vote for Alison as a vestry member. It will be good to see the church further cement its bona fides as a church where bullying is okay.

And regardless of the results of the election, just know that Alison’s two-faced behavior, her bullying, and her lying to Elizabeth Legere, who she says is a friend, are further illustrations of the dynamics at Grace Church, its toxic atmosphere, and its plummeting barometers of organizational health.

It’s a safe bet as well that when Grace closes its doors in the not distant future, Alison and the Princess Porcine will be waddling around together, wondering how such a friendly church could close its doors, deliberately blind to their own roles in the debacle.