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This just in:

Perjuring priest Bob Malm, who will hold his last service at Grace Church at 10 AM Sunday, September 29, allegedly has hired an off-duty police officer for the day. This puts him on a par with other illuminaries of The Episcopal Church, including ++Michael Curry, who had a detail present when he preached in Charlottesville followed the fascist rallies in the city.

Perhaps the church’s time, money and effort would be better spent putting a stop to Bob Malm’s perjury.
In the meantime, the news underscores that Bob Malm continues his games as church giving and attendance plummet, and even on his final day with the church.
All the more reason to take a pass on Grace Episcopal Church and Bob’s circle of flying monkeys.
And it’s interesting to note: Bob claims that the church has been threatened, but even after being ordered by a court to do so, refuses to specify what was said that was threatening. That is in addition to his perjury, in which he stated that my mom, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly. That simply did not happen.

As for church members who blindly dismiss these inconvenient truths as fabrications or, to use Easter Thompson’s phrase, “Things that didn’t happen,” the documentation is right here, on this site. If they are foolish enough to disregard the clear evidence of Bob’s misconduct, then they deserve a bully and perjurer for priest.

Bob Malm, perjuring priest.
Grace Episcopal, toxic church.