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In an earlier post, I commented on how Bob Malm’s farewell mea culpa was facially self-serving, in that it tosses out the red herring of “things left undone,” while ignoring the other aspects of Bob’s misconduct as rector of Grace Episcopal Church. Yet even then Bob’s message, incorporated into his final Grace Notes, reflects Dysfunctional Bob’s lack of attention to detail and self-serving selective forgetfulness.

Consider Bob’s assertion that there are two major capital expenditures remaining: Repairs to the parking lot and the original elevator. Yes, both are needed, but even just four years ago Bob recognized in writing that the faux slate roof over the “bridge” between the two original buildings needed to be replaced. (Note that he omitted the equally troubled roof over the new narthex, made of the same faulty materials.)
Here is his 2015 post:

And here is Dysfunctional Bob’s 2019 post:

So where did the roof go?

The answer, I suspect, lies in Bob’s statement to me that he has “neither the time nor the interest” to deal with building issues. That of course contradicts his written job description, which specifically gives him that responsibility, as do church canons. But hey—time indeed is limited when you spend a month at the beach every summer.