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One of the reasons it’s best to think twice about going to court is that your business winds up in the public eye. That’s a basic tenet of our legal system: That things are done in the light of day. Not in Star Chamber. Not in secret.

Of course, had Bob used an attorney who actually does civil litigation, he would have attempted to negotiate confidentiality during discovery. In this case, no effort was made to do so, nor would I have been receptive to that, given Jeff Chiow’s unprofessional resort to inflammatory rhetoric and various falsehoods in the documents that went out with his signature on them, including references to a fictional church shooting in the equally fictional town of “Sugarland Texas.”

And that is the case here. Having blundered into court, largely clueless, Bob Malm has exposed the inner working of St. Dysfunction, aka Grace Episcopal Church, and the results are not pretty.
Here’s an email exchange between Bob Malm and one the two coordinators for the ushers, Kemp Williams. The correspondence is interesting for multiple reasons, including Bob’s initial email, which appears to be an effort to stoke fears, and Kemp’s response, where inter alia, he falsely claims that I have visited the National Cathederal at some point in the last several years. I have not, having not been there since prior to the earthquake. In fact, on the day in question, I was at work, and have dozens of witnesses, as well as time records, to prove it. 
Moreover, you see Kemp blundering into discussions of mental illness, even though he and I haven’t so much as spoken in the last several years. Nor did I ever have any sense that Kemp has much knowledge of mental illness, such that he could speak intelligently to the issue. 
And nowhere do you see anything even remotely Christlike in the conversation, Jesus-babble notwithstanding. Instead, it’s the usual narcissistic St. Dysfunction mindset of, “It’s all about us and our needs.” Nowhere do you see anyone ask the question, “How can we work together to solve our concerns?” Nor do you see any concern for people who are assumed to be mentally ill.