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I suppose this is the point where I’m supposed to welcome you to Grace Church. But, having been declared persona non grata by Dysfunctional Bob, that doesn’t seem appropriate. And besides, after my experiences with Grace Episcopal, Bob Malm, and DioVA, I’m done. Done with The Episcopal Church, and done with organized religion.

That said, I wanted to comment on your arrival. Specifically, you talk on your Facebook page about standing with the marginalized, and transforming unjust systems. Believe it or not, I like that. But I don’t understand how you can reconcile that with the fact that Bob Malm commits perjury, bears false witness, and subpoenas the dying.

Of course, Bob’s worked hard on his smear campaign, so you’ll hear lots of ugly comments about me at Grace. That’s par for the course, given parishioners gossiping about everything from the recently married guy in the church (supposedly gay), to someone with a penile implant. Seriously.

But if you are serious about social justice, I challenge you to ask Bob for his proof that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, repeatedly set up appointments with him and canceled. Bob said that, in writing, under oath, citing it as part of his claim that he’d been threatened.

So, I doubt you’re serious about these things. But if you are, show me. Like Doubting Thomas, I’ll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime, I’ll probably see you while I’m out protesting. Feel free to “stand with me” any time. Or if you really want to surprise me, call me or email me. You’d be only the second person in the parish to actually talk with me about things.

So, let’s see how sincere you really are.

Game on.