Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and ABC Welby: Both Deficient When it Comes to Abuse

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One of the things about churches and abuse is how consistent the former is when it comes to abuse. Consider the similarities between the recent findings of the independent investigation into abuse in the Church of England (CoE) and how Presiding Bishop Michael Curry handles allegations of clergy abuse.

In the recent investigation into the CoE and its handing of sexual abuse, the commission found that victims of abuse tried multiple times to contact now archbishop Justin Welby, only to receive no meaningful response. That’s right. The big brush-off. The cold shoulder. The don’t let the door hit you on the way out routine.
Similarly, some time ago, I arranged to hand deliver a message to Michael Curry, asking for his help in resolving issues with the diocese of Virginia and Dysfunctional Bob. The result? You guessed it. Utter silence. Not even the courtesy of a form letter.
Yet in both cases, the Episcopal Church and the CoE claim to take abuse seriously. They babble on with their endless claptrap about the baptismal covenant and the duty to respect the dignity of every human being. But even at the highest levels, abuse is fine. 
Small wonder, then that the bishops of Virginia say that they will only address abuse if there is a criminal conviction.
That seems to be the motto of The Episcopal Church when it comes to abuse: As little as possible, as late as possible, and made as difficult as possible.
At this point, I hope I live to see the day when The Episcopal Church closes. The world will be a better place without its hypocrisy and lies.