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Consider, for a moment, Bob Malm’s claim that this entire situation is a fabrication on my part. Leaving aside the copious written documentation, and the abysmal conduct of Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland Chiow in court, Dysfunctional Bob’s recent tantrum proves my underlying point.

Anyone who would climb in his vehicle, drive over, climb over, and start screaming and threatening not only thinks that this behavior will somehow get him what he wants, but also has profound challenges when it comes to conflict resolution, and a near-zero understanding of the Christian faith. Moreover, Bob’s antics, including screaming at neighbors, make me wonder whether he is mentally ill. Certainly, anyone capable of such conduct also is someone who should be considered dangerous.
Yes, Bob does a credible imitation of the kindly, caring priest, but that’s the act. As I have said many times, the real Bob Malm in his whole Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde routine is vile, vicious, and vindictive.
Of course, Grace parishioners will do their best to avoid this inconvenient truth, as it would involve revisiting conclusions they reached long ago about their own faith community. But the reality is simple: Bob Malm is a bully. Bob Malm is toxic.