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One of the things that’s interesting about Dysfunctional Bob’s histrionics yesterday is that he still doesn’t get it. As in none of his bullying tactics will ever shut down our conflict. Indeed, every time he tries one of these stupid antics, I step things up on my end. In this case, my response has been to sharply increase paid advertising and leafletting in the NVA region.

Of course, that underscores another issue, which is that Bob’s worldview is diametrically opposed to the values of Christianity. Dysfunctional Bob is all about power and control; Jesus could have acted through these means, but chose not to.
It also illustrates another point, which is that while Dysfunctional Bob likes to tell people that he’s ignoring me, the reality is far different. But then, veracity never was his strong suit.
No matter how you parse it, Bob is profoundly incapable of responding to conflict. That said, I will not back down in the face of his terroristic threats.