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Here is Bob Malm’s other lie under oath.

In his written responses to my interrogatories, a component of our recent litigation, Bob Malm claimed under oath that the only person in his family whom he knew to have blogged about our conflict was his wife, Leslie.
Yet Bob knew from the get-go that his daughter Lindsey (Malm) Anders had done so. Indeed it was Lindsey who first called the police over a post on Fairfax Underground that she didn’t like, under the rather stupid notion that the police can force people to take down written materials that others find objectionable. Bob knew this all along, and senior officials at the Alexandria police department have confirmed Lindsey’s role, as described above.
Here is Bob’s lie:

Here is Bob’s oath and signature, made in front of Jane Rosman:

It’s also telling: In an email to the diocese of Virginia, Bob notes Lindsey’s role in the matter, while dismissing the conflict as unimportant:

Bob Malm. Perjuring priest.