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Here’s another example of the sort of BS that comes out of Grace Episcopal, aka St. Dysfunction: Lisa Medley’s comments on The Wartburg Watch, characterized by her typical fabrications, combined with a certain lack of mastery of the facts.

Lisa’s comments were posted in response to the second Wartburg Watch article on my situation at Grace Episcopal Church. On one level, they pointedly duck the biggest issue, which is Bob Malm’s perjury. Under oath, Bob stated inter alia that my Mom made and other family members repeatedly made appointments with him and no-showed. This is a bold-faced lie, as it simply didn’t happen, and Bob has produced no evidence to back up his claims.
On another level, we see Lisa’s strained relationship with the truth, including her statement that I spent the last six months of my time at Grace lobbying to get the parish admin fired. That’s an interesting claim, since the employee in question had resigned more than a year earlier, in the summer of 2014. But hey, when was bearing false witness ever an issue for Lisa, Bob Malm, or people at Grace church?
Of course, there’s also her unsupported claim that my response to Bob’s misconduct is based on her being named senior warden. How she reaches that conclusion is a curious thing, since anyone who knows me at all knows I like working with the physical plant and would have loved to have served as junior warden for another year. But again, truthfulness does not appear to be Lisa’s strong suit. Same for her assertion about readership of this blog—without access to the login, how would she know what readership is? Not to mention the church’s website has had nowhere near the same number of hits during that times, especially from outside the parish.
Then there’s her claim that I’m the only person who’s complained. That’s either a case of dishonesty on her part, cluelessness, or some combination of both. She likely has seen John Cunningham’s Facebook post, in which he states for all the world to see that he had very similar experiences. I also can think of a number of other people who’ve left for similar reasons, and it’s highly likely she does too. Of course, she conveniently ignores her bitchy, manipulative behavior, which started when she and several others decide to wade into my previous issues with Kelly Gable. She is well aware of this conduct, as are numerous others, both in her family and the church.
Lisa’s comments about Dysfunctional Bob “humbling” himself also are amusingly dishonest. Bob’s apology was directed to Mike, whom no one claims did anything wrong. How apologizing to an innocent family member that Bob decided to include in his vendetta is “humbling” himself escapes me—I guess it was a long trip down Mount Olympus. That said, Bob has never apologized to me, likely never will, and doesn’t have the um….spine….needed to do so.
Then we turn to Lisa’s efforts to throw shade on Dee’s assertion that the church is declining. The reality, however, is that both the church’s own reports and the annual parochial report reveal that the church has lost more than 100 pledging units, while the church’s budget continues its steady decline. That data also is available on this blog.
The best documentation of Lisa’s conduct and ethical worldview, however, is her comments themselves. There’s nothing even remotely Christian about them, and she clearly learned very little from the criticism over her previous remarks on The Wartburg Watch, in which third parties told her that she was “childish and hateful,” among other things. Yes, she tried to back into things by shifting to a more passive-aggressive approach, but that did absolutely nothing to conceal her real motives and attitude.
Most significantly, Lisa’s comments underscore another issue, which is the level of discourse at Grace church under Bob Malm. The fact that anyone would consider her tone or content to be appropriate shows that Grace is a toxic church. And it’s exactly that attitude that gives rise to comments like her daughter’s urging me to “go kill” myself — proof positive that Grace church is nothing but a religion-based social club, and not a particularly good one at that.
So, my advice is this: If you decide to become involved with Grace Church, take your time, look, listen and learn. While people are friendly and welcoming, this sort of discourse and gossip lurks right behind the scenes and tells you what’s really going on in people’s hearts.
Or, as the Bible says, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” In Grace’s Church, people’s tongues far too often opt for an approach that doesn’t affirm life.