David Crosby Misses Mark With Recent Sermon

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David Crosby preached last Sunday, offering a sermon on loving your enemy. Since many denizens of Planet Malm now consider me an enemy, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on the sermon. 

I call BS.
To be sure, it wasn’t a badly written sermon. But it suffered one flaw. A big one. The flaw is that it’s hard to preach on this topic with a straight face when you have Bob Malm as a role model. Or, if you can deliver the sermon with a straight face, then you fall down the rabbit hole of hypocrisy.
I mean, who’s going to take you seriously when you have Dysfunctional Bob repeatedly lying, committing perjury, going after Mike, engaging in smear campaigns, and more? If nothing else, people are going to inevitably conclude that it’s okay just to give lip service to these ideals when they see Dysfunctional Bob in action.
And of course there’s Leslie Malm with her lies, Lindsey Malm with her hateful homophobia, the Medleys with their urging me to commit suicide, and Alison Campbell with her petty bitch games. And there are plenty of others who could join the list.
Of course, you then get Lisa Medley’s comeback, which is to brush these issues off by saying that she’s a sinner. Of course, that’s no excuse; claiming that you’re immune from criticism on the basis that you’re inclined to behave badly is a facially obvious logical fallacy. But then, Lisa was never known for being bright.
At the end of the day, the only way Grace Church ceases to be a toxic church is by making a conscious decision to be healthy—all day, every day. No exceptions, no excuses, no explanations. There’s simply no legitimate role for the bullying, the gossip, the lies and more that go on at Grace.