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There’s an interesting story in the news that underscores a key question in this conflict: What would it be like if Bob Malm really were a Christian?

The story involves St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Regina, Canada. Overnight, vandals broke in, breaking glass, topping statues, and otherwise damaging the church.
Here’s what one Catholic official said:

Of course, that contrasts profoundly with Dysfunctional Bob and Sugarland Chiow, where even independent third parties remarked that “this attorney is coming at you with a personal vendetta.” Additionally, Bob and Sugarland repeatedly lied in court, misrepresented facts, and even subpoenaed a dying woman.

In short, even with the scandal that has beset the Catholic Church, in many ways it is more truly Christian than the fast-dying Episcopal Church.

Small wonder that Grace Church is imploding.