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As the St. Dysfunction vestry meets tonight to discuss, inter alia, the church’s 2019 budget, here’s a great bit of context I came across from my old blog: A completed version of the Episcopal Church’s internal controls checklist. The denomination asks that all parishes complete this as part of the annual audit required under canon law.

As you can see, despite (or perhaps because of) Dysfunctional Bob’s 29 years with the parish, the church’s internal controls are a hot mess. More to the point, there basically are none.

Needless to say, this evinces a profound lack of respect for the generosity of church members. I mean, how the hell can Bob Malm get paid more than many bishops, but he can’t be bothered with basic aspects of his job, like this?

While my normal copyright forbids any usage or reproduction of content on this site, permission is granted to church auditors, loan officers, and bankers to reprint this and use as needed.

Here it is, in PDF.