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Amidst Lisa Medley’s claims that no one else has complained about being bullied at Grace Episcopal Alexandria, aka St. Dysfunction, I have already supplied written evidence that her claims are a falsification, a lie. But there is additional evidence out there.

Earlier, I posted about the ridiculous and childish antics in the altar guild, when a senior member of the altar guild launched a year-long episode of the silent treatment towards the then-chair of the altar guild after the latter announced that members were free to wear — or not wear — the blue smocks the ladies had traditionally worn. This policy, which was approved by Bob Malm, angered the senior member of the altar guild, who apparently disagreed with the decision. Tellingly, there is no evidence to suggest that Dysfunctional Bob said, “No mas,” despite the fact that altar guild members serve at the pleasure of — you guessed it — Dysfunctional Bob.
The person on the receiving end of this bullying, after largely being ignored by Dysfunctional Bob, went to Anne Turner for guidance, possibly because of the existing relationship that parishioner had with Anne from her time as assistant rector at Grace church. In subsequent conversations with me, Anne shared that she too had also been on the receiving end of inappropriate outbursts from staff during her time with the church, but had not realized that others had had the same experience. Anne’s experiences date from the 2007 timeframe, so problems at St. Dysfunction go back more than a decade. Yes, more than a decade.
So, there are three additional examples of bullying and abuse of power:
  1. Shunning/bullying within the altar guild, and for truly stupid reasons.
  2. Inappropriate outbursts by staff towards clergy.
  3. Repeated failures by Bob Malm to establish behavioral norms for volunteers and staff members.
The upshot is that the Lisa Medleys of the world can lie all they want, but there is ample evidence on multiple fronts of abusive behavior and inappropriate responses to conflict within Grace Episcopal Church, and not just in Bob Malm’s decision to try to drag a former parishioner and a terminally ill woman into court based on his weird claims that terrorists are out to get him, or in Jeff Chiow’s abusive and misleading court pleadings containing multiple fabrications.
Folks, this is one toxic priest, and one seriously toxic church.