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Following the recent coverage in The Wartburg Watch of Bob Malm’s vendetta against me, the liars and bullies of Grace Church again have felt the need to enter the fray.

Attached are screen caps of comments from a parishioner at Grace Episcopal in which, like the clueless resident of Sugarland she is, someone (most likely Lisa Medley), tries to defend Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal by:

  1. Lying about my experiences with the church.
  2. Trying to trash Wartburg Watch editor Dee Parsons whom, if one knows Dee at all, one knows she is entirely honest.
  3. Trying the whole delay, deny, deflect routine a la Facebook.

In addition, I’ve attached a screen cap of a post by John Cunningham demonstrating that the poster lies; John also left Grace Church due to bullying, yet the poster claims that no one else has had this experience.

Gotta love a church that tries to lie its way out of accountability, as well as a parishioner who doesn’t even have the integrity to use her own name in her posts.

It’s also noteworthy that, even as St. Dysfunction continues to lurch towards insolvency, idiots like this poster still have learned nothing. They continue to think that if they just do enough to discredit others, or find something to say that’s sufficiently harsh, everything will be good and they can go about their merry ways. But the reality is that it is this very conduct that is causing the church to unravel — and Bob Malm is powerless to fix it, because it is the conduct that he models that empowers people to think that this sort of interaction is acceptable.

It’s BS like this that is the reason that two-thirds of persons under age 30 have nothing to do with organized religion, and one-third actively oppose organized religion. It’s because people recognize that the world would be a better place without this sort of hypocrisy.