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You know, it’s not every day that churches get in the news. In fact, these days, with the declining role of churches in society, it’s hard to get coverage, except in the local community rags.

But Grace Episcopal in Alexandria has a very special claim to fame. Per rector Bob Malm, and his attorney Jeff Chiow, the church has been threatened by “domestic terrorism.”
That’s right. That shows how important the church is, as the only other church here in the US that has been threatened by terrorists is the National Cathedral. (There, some wackadoodle from the Islamic State issued a threat during Christmas 2017, showing the Cathedral erupting in flames and suggesting he or she would show up in Manhattan. The latter somewhat diminished the credibility of the threat to the Cathedral, located in DC).
So, in recognition of Grace’s unique status, here’s a meme that Bob Malm can use next time he’s in touch with the news media.