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One of the amusing things in this conflict is to read Grace Church vestry minutes. Specifically, the church almost always tries to shift reality—whether it’s claiming that increased failures of the HVAC systems were unforeseen, that there’s a budget deficit “due to the numbers used for this year’s budget,” or other silliness.

In the most recent minutes posted to the church website, Bob Malm offers his wish list for the future. True to form, all tactical, nothing strategic. And one of the items is, “End legal issues with former parishioner.” Yup, that would be me.
In keeping with Grace Church’s endless effort to ignore or distort reality, that’s pretty funny. Why? Because there are no current legal issues. I have dropped my appeal and at this point am holding fire regarding further litigation—although I am well prepared for the latter, and have more than ample funds to go that direction, if needed.
Moreover, the issue isn’t a legal one. It’s about boundaries—as in Bob behaving appropriately as a priest; the bad example he sets for parishioners and the behavior that ensues; the inflammatory and unethical legal pleadings by Bob and Sugarland Chiow; the multiple lies Bob has told; the decision to try to drag a dying woman into court; and more. In short, legal issues are the least of Bob’s worries. More serious is the fact that this is the proverbial case of the emperor having no clothes. Bob can trot out all the Jesus-babble he wants, but very few will be fooled, no matter how much charm bombing Bob engages in.
Most importantly, there will be no discussion or negotiation going forward. None. 
Bob has burned his bridges, and I am not open to any conversation with him, or anyone else from the church or diocese regarding these issues. Those days are long past. Moreover, I have told Bob in writing that he is to have no further contact with me, and the same is true for anyone that represents Grace Church regarding this matter. Violating that request is a prima facie violation of Virginia’s anti-stalking laws as set forth at Va. Code § 18.2.
Below is a screen cap of the relevant vestry minutes.