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Planet Malm residents will be pleased to know that the church will soon again be in the news, and just in time for the fall pledge drive. Lots of good coverage of Bob Malm’s claim that he has been threatened by “domestic terrorism,” as well as his other various lies in court. These include his:

  • False assertion that I have violated the existing court order.
  • False claim that only Leslie Malm has blogged about this conflict.
  • False statement that I never served as a police officer.
  • False claim that I never was admitted to practice law.
  • False claim that I am somehow inspired by a fictional event at any equally fictional church in Sugarland Texas.

In addition, lots of good coverage of the behavior of Bob’s family members, as well as the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and its role in the matter.

So stay tuned for the Planet Malm Halloween special!