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In motions court today, the Circuit Court judge granted my request for dismissal. In addition, the Court allowed Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow to brief the court on possible attorney fees related to a family email account hosted in Canada pertaining to emails from 2015, which Jeff asserts were actually mine. The Court said it would entertain the plaintiff’s brief, despite the multiple lies Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow told the court, including that:

  1. I was never admitted to practice law.
  2. I never served as a police officer.
  3. That I have, to use Jeff’s words, repeatedly “threatened and terrorized” Bob by blogging about him.
Of course, in the meantime Jeff and Bob continue their efforts to deceive the court by taking statements out of context and refusing to specify how Bob allegedly was threatened, even after the court ordered them to do so.
Additionally, Bob Malm’s discovery responses include multiple falsehoods, including the claim that only Leslie Malm has blogged about the issue.
It also should be noted that Jeff has provided his legal services on a pro bono basis.

My take: This is yet another layer of documentation that Grace Episcopal Church is toxic, morally bankrupt, and utterly hypocritical. The lying Episcopal priest and his attorney want to try for attorney’s fees on the grounds that they think I lied, despite the repeated lies on their parts. Nice.

Apropos Bob’s claim that he was threatened, below is a copy of his proposed settlement, which I rejected. Obviously, very little if anything has to do with Bob’s claim of being threatened.