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Those with any lingering doubt about whether Bob Malm and Grace Episcopal Church are both toxic and dysfunctional should check out last night’s post from a church member on Fairfax Underground. That post reinforces the comments of a long-time parish employee, who once said to me (verbatim):

“I would never belong to your church, and it’s because of the way people talk to each other. And it goes right to the top. And I’ll tell you right now: Bob will never say anything about it. And because he engages in a certain amount of it himself, Bob shows others that it’s okay.”
A very true statement, and at the time I regrettably took Bob’s side in the matter.
Of course, Bob has now expanded his repertoire to include trying to drag a dying woman into court, lying in his courtroom pleadings, shunning family members, misuse of donations, and harassment. What a great way to model the redemptive love of Christ!