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Here’s another great example of Dysfunctional Bob Malm, Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow, and Grace Episcopal Church at work.

In this excerpt from Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s most recent brief, filed with the Alexandria Circuit Court, he makes a series of assertions loaded with non-sequitors and untruthful statements:

First, Jeff untruthfully asserts that I have said that I can do anything I want. That is a flat-out falsehood, otherwise known as a lie.

Second, we see Jeff assert that dropping an appeal proves that I am dangerous. If that is the case, then it logically follows that by appealing I have proven that I am not dangerous. Sorry, Jeff, you can’t have it both ways, and anyone who would make an assertion like that about a former member of his own parish speaks volumes about both his own ethics and those within that parish, especially since his filing is made on behalf of the rector, Bob Malm.

Third, there has not been a single violation of the current protective order, nor will there be. Moreover, had there been, the plaintiff no doubt would have filed criminal charges, which is the appropriate way to respond to a violation.

Attorneys who provide the tribunal in front of which they practice with false information of this sort harm their own reputations, that of their clients, and that of the legal professional as a whole. There never is any justification for lying in the practice of law.

As for Bob, the client whose name goes on the bottom of the pleading as plaintiff, these few sentences tell you everything you need to know about his work as a priest, and about life at Grace Episcopal Church. And the fact that the vestry and diocese permit clergy to lie like this shows that the Episcopal church is morally bankrupt at every level.

And no, the ends don’t justify the means. Any church that talks about its former members in this manner, and lies to the court, has outlived its role as a faith community. There simply is no useful purpose to a church in which it’s okay for the rector, his attorney, and by extension, the vestry, the church, and the diocese, to lie.