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Over at Fairfax Underground, we’ve got more threats and paranoia from the Tabor Academy Illiterates Club, always easily spotted by its inability to demonstrate that it knows basic English skills, such as the difference between “you’re” and “your.” Flunking third grade must have been rough.

What’s interesting too, is that members are really paranoid. Online humor isn’t my thing, and I can assure all involved that I’m neither the author of the hilarious Malm pseudo-press release, nor the philosoraptor meme. But it’s inconceivable to members of St. Dysfunction that others might actually find Bob’s actions offensive and not particularly Christlike. As in, the 120 pledging units that have flown the coop since Bob began his vendetta.
Of course, we still see the usual hoo-ha from St. Dysfunction about how if someone pokes fun at Bob, they will call the police. I guess, along with flunking third grade English, they also missed the civics class that discussed the First Amendment.
Even more amusing is the invocation of deity and punishment in the hereafter. Last I heard, Jesus had some choice words for spiritual figures who abused their authority and acted as stumbling blocks to others. Or those who lied, and claimed that, inter alia, I admitted in open court that Mom’s blog is mine. Or that I didn’t serve as a police officer. Or that I violated the protective order. Or that I wasn’t admitted to practice law.
Come to think of it, Jesus would have had scant use for folks who make up BS in their court filings, like the fictional city of “Sugarland Texas.” Something about false witness. Or who try to drag a dying woman into court. Or who urge me to commit suicide. “So as you have done to the least of these, so also have you done unto me.”
What a sick, dysfunctional church Grace Episcopal is. No wonder The Episcopal Church is dying, and with behavior and attitudes like this, not a moment too soon.
Below is the latest threat from Planet Malm.