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In a recent article about clergy abuse in Missouri, the local Fox news media outlet reports that some Catholics wish to participate in the attorney general’s investigation into allegations against clergy, but fear retribution from the church. As a result, the state attorney general has asked the diocese to allow victims to come forward.

On a personal note, this article serves as a cautionary tale to Episcopalians. Not only will Bob Malm, aka Dysfunctional Bob, retaliate against you by trying to force you out of the church if you go to the diocese with a complaint, but the diocese will state in writing that it supports Bob’s efforts. Moreover, if you formally complain about Bob’s retaliation, the diocese will, as it has done on multiple occasions, state in writing that retaliation is “not of weighty and material importance to the ministry of the church.” In addition, Jeff Chiow and the great legal minds of Rogers, Joseph O’Donnell “RJO” are prepared to support the diocese and local parish in their retaliation. (Clients of RJO, take note. If you are covered by government whistleblower policies, or are a publicly traded company subject to SOX and Gramm-Rodman, this policy likely is profoundly at variance with the ethical requirements under which you operate.)
So, my advice is this: If you are abused in any way (spiritually, emotionally, verbally, sexually, physically, you name it) by Episcopal clergy, do not report it to the church. Go to the police, the media, the Internet, file a civil lawsuit, whatever you need to do. But the de facto policy of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and I suspect many others. supports retaliation. It simply is not a safe place.
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As a reminder, here is one of many emails in which former parish administrator Jeff Aaron discloses that my complaint was shared with him in violation of church canons, and in which he discusses possible retaliation. Moreover, Jeff “Sugarland Chiow” clearly apprehends the significance, given his efforts in discovery to redact the relevant parts: