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In an email that demonstrates both the paranoia of St. Dysfunction staff and Bob Malm’s flagrant violation of church canons that require that Title IV matters be treated as confidential, former director of parish operations Jeff Aaron contacts diocesan intake officer Caroline Parkinson about the original Title IV complaint against Bob. Pursuant to Canon IV.6.10, this is illegal under church law unless authorized by the bishop, which did not occur. Nor is this the only violation; evidence suggests multiple violations occurred. In other words, Bob Malm was not entitled to share this matter with others, full stop.

Needless to say, if you can’t trust Bob to adhere to church requirements involving confidentiality, you probably shouldn’t trust him with your confidential information. And if Bob isn’t prepared to adhere to the express provisions of Title IV, it’s a safe bet he’s prepared to play fast and loose on other ethical issues. But then, given his willingness to try and drag a dying woman into court, and to lie to the court, no surprise there.
Meanwhile, you gotta love the discussion about retaliation by calling my employer.
Here is Jeff Aaron’s email (which Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow attempted to redact to conceal evidence of the breach of confidentiality; the redacted version Jeff supplied in discovery is included at the bottom):

Here is a screen cap of the provision that expressly makes this a violation of Title IV:

And here is Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow’s redacted version, which tells you that he is fully aware that Bob violated church canons.