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In Jeff Chiow’s most recent pleading, there are a number of false allegations, including whether I was licensed as an attorney and whether I have served as a police officer. Below is documentation that proves both of these allegations to be false.

First is a copy of my attorney lookup from Pennsylvania, which correctly shows that I have retired:

Second is one aspect of my service in law enforcement, which is a newspaper article recognizing my time as a volunteer police officer with Arlington County:

That’s the thing about Jeff—there’s no level to which he won’t stoop when it comes to his personal vendetta against me. Nothing like those Naval Academy or Corps values, eh Jeff?  Just one more layer of proof that neither Jeff, nor St. Dysfunction, hold any meaningful Christian values.

Nor does he take the time or effort to verify the content of his pleadings, which is not exactly a recipe for long-term success in the practice of law. Credibility is key, and Jeff’s hodgepodge of inaccurate information, distortions, misrepresentations, inflammatory remarks and other examples of questionable ethics would make reasonable tribunals give very close scrutiny to any representation that Jeff might make.