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Well, apparently being handed a complete, hands-down victory by virtue of my dropping my appeal isn’t enough for Jeff “Sugarland” Chiow and Dysfunctional Bob. In an “Emergency Objection and Request for Hearing,” filed today with the Alexandria Circuit Court, Chiow displays his usual animosity as he spouts off his normal array of ad hominem attacks, misleading arguments, deliberate mischaracterizations, and inflammatory rhetoric. You’ll also see that he continues to lobby for restrictions on my right to blog—a concept that I trust, having gone to law school, Jeff knows would be an unconstitutional prior restraint of free speech. But then again, he either may not know that, or care. And of course you get some very interesting assertions, including the suggestion from Jeff that my attorney said that I was at the national Cathedral at some point. That is a red herring if there ever was one. But then, given Jeff’s track record of questionable veracity and that of his client — an Episcopal priest — no surprise there.

In fact, no doubt Jeff will produce documentation of the “countless” times family members cancelled appointments with Bob. That should be interesting. Or ‘fess up and admit that his client instructed church staff to exclude us from the church. And maybe he’d be good enough to explain why Bob chose to include Mike in his vendetta. And I’d be all ears to hear his explanation as to how Bob Malm didn’t lie during our meeting with bishop Shannon. Moreover, I’d be really interested to see backup on Jeff’s written claim to have provided roughly $100,000 in legal services to date. Who knew such sloppy legal work was worth so much?

Exploring further, we see more logical fallacies on Jeff’s part, including the notion that the fact he intended to ask specific questions during discovery has some sort of probative value. Sorry, Jeff, no evidential value there, unless it is that you and your client are pursuing a personal vendetta. No news there, either.
Speaking of, Jeff also conveniently omits his various dilatory tactics that have repeatedly delayed the case, including his refusal to point out which specific blog quotes he believes to be threatening. Note that he still has not honored that request despite the court’s order to do so.

The one thing that is very clear from all of this is that the level of venom and animosity is consistent with what one person close to the matter referred to as a “personal vendetta” on Jeff’s part towards me. In short, there is absolutely nothing Christian in any of this. Nor should we forget that, by extension, Jeff is calling my mother, who is dying, a liar. Nice.
Oh, and BTW, one can readily look up the fact that I practiced law. But, in typical sloppy fashion, Jeff never bothered to do that. Maybe he figured I was admitted in his favorite city—the fictional one located in Sugarland Texas. Nor did Bob Malm perform any civil ceremony for me. Again, either this is a case of dishonesty, or it’s a case of profoundly sloppy legal work. 
And if you’re looking for a law firm, just remember: Jeff’s legal documents reference fictional places and events. Like a fictional church shooting in the equally fictional town of Sugarland Texas. 
If you‘re looking for a church home, know upfront: This is the sort of thing that goes on behind the scenes at St. Dysfunction Episcopal Church aka Grace Episcopal Church. Yes, the services are pretty, and the building quaint, but scratch the surface and this is what you get. And this is the sort of thing your pledge supports.