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This is another great email. In it, Bob falsely asserts that I violated our ceasefire, despite the fact he knows full well that I offered to try to mediate when tensions escalated following the various obscene communications we got from members of the church, including one that urged me to commit suicide. (Frankly, I don’t know any parent or friend who wouldn’t be up in arms at this sort of behavior, especially coming from a church.)

Don’t you love how Bob puts apology in quotes? Clearly, he’s doing so to beg meaning, which tells us that his apology was never sincere. Not that I had any doubts on that score, especially when his first try included a “I’m sorry that you were upset, but….” line in it. Nothing like a fake apology to irritate people even further. Nor was I aware that the bishop’s office constitutes a legal authority. But then, given Bob’s mediocre education, I guess one has to expect this sort of conflation.
It’s amusing too. Bob doesn’t take things seriously…he just ran out and claimed he was being threatened because he was bored and the weather wasn’t conducive to golf, I’m guessing. LOL
Which is it, Bob?