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In litigation, there’s something called a statement against interest. Such a statement is one that counters one’s entire argument, and thus tends to prove its falsity.

Here Bob Malm jumps, Sperrys first, right into a great, steaming heap of poo, when he tells Bishop Shannon Johnston that his wife and one of his daughters take this whole conflict more seriously than they should, going on to say that folks at St. Dysfunction “know how dysfunctional [I] am.” Hmm. 
Defamation by implication, anyone?
For the record, the daughter is Lindsey, who actually is the person who called the Alexandria police department to complain that she didn’t like a post of Mom’s on the Wartburg Watch. As the ensuing conversation progressed, it was Bob who started trotting out things like the phrase, “psychological murder,” which refers to shunning, to try to make his facially thin case that somehow he was being threatened. And he started pulling the church in, so that he could use his perceived authority in the church to make this whole thing about the safety of the church.
BTW, don’t you love the whole, “coach, put me in the game” tone of Bob’s email?