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Today, the court settled a question that should never have required any time or attention, which is the requirement that Bob identify those entries on Mom’s blog that he believes to be threatening. The fact that he thus far has refused to do so demonstrates Bob and Jeff’s real motives, which include trying to shut down criticism of their antics, including Bob’s ongoing failure to conduct himself in a manner appropriate for clergy. In addition, there are the multiple instances of defamation per se coming from Bob’s wife Leslie, including her calling me a “stalker.”

So, we’re back to an earlier question: If Bob really feels threatened, why the resistance to offering names, dates, and places? Should be pretty straightforward.
Of course, Jeff Chiow continues to falsely indicate in his pleadings that I “own” Mom’s blog. Besides the fact that this assertion is false, I will send that one along to the relevant disciplinary boards to resolve. Along with Jeff’s references to “domestic terrorism” and other inflammatory comments that undercut the reputation of the entire church, including both Bob and Jeff.
More to come!