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Earlier today, I spoke with another person who alleged that Leslie Malm stated that I said in open court that Mom’s website is really mine. That’s a curious claim as, were that the case, Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow wouldn’t be arguing that somehow, magically, the site is mine.

Before we go further, if memory serves, Leslie made the same claim in writing over at Fairfax Underground. That, along with her defamatory per se claim that I am a stalker. 
Of course, that brings us to a larger question, which is how it is that these things are okay in a church? Having seen multiple instances of questionable veracity in the parish, including those involving our famous “long-term parishioner,” I think I know the answer, which is that Bob Malm and his family demonstrate that these things are okay.
Of course, in any church where it’s okay to try and drag a dying woman into court, distorting and misrepresenting reality is small potatoes. 
No wonder Grace Church is in decline.