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Following is another example of attorney Jeff Chiow’s ethically questionable conduct. The screen cap that follows, taken from Jeff’s Motion for Reconsideration filed as part of his effort to subpoena my mother, dying of COPD, into court, documents two aspect’s of Jeff’s possible misconduct:

  1. In the first highlighted section, Jeff may be attempting to mislead the court. Specifically, by omitting the content before and after the quote he allegedly pulled from Mom’s blog, he appears to change the meaning. Per the disciplinary rules, full disclosure of such issues is incumbent upon attorneys, who serve as officers of the court. In other words, one cannot omit material from one’s pleadings so as to mislead the court.
  2. In the second highlighted section, we again see Jeff resort to inflammatory language in what I believe is an effort to conceal the fact that he has no underlying case. Again, as Mr. Chiow well knows, nothing on my blog, nor anything on Mom’s blog, is in any way “terrorizing” or “harassing.”
Take a look, and decide for yourself whether Jeff Chiow, a shareholder at the law firm of Rogers, Joseph O’Donnell PC, is acting ethically in this matter.