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Well, it looks like Bob Malm and Jeffery Chiow have their work cut for them: Another blogger has written about shunning in the church, and has used the words “psychological murder,” “torture,” and “abuse,” to refer to the effects of the practice of shunning in churches.

So, I don’t know Deborah Brunt, but since Bob Malm has stated under oath that the considers use of these words to be threats and frightening to him, I am guessing Bob and his attorney, Jeff Chiow, will be calling the Alexandria police and filing a request for a restraining order against Ms. Brunt immediately.
Meanwhile, I again ask the question: And Bob Malm felt the need to include Mike in his vendetta why? Recall that the latter had been received into The Episcopal Church 16 months earlier, and had been fully supportive of Bob following his accident. 
My opinion: There is nothing lower, or more morally reprehensible, than a member of the clergy who bullies people like Mike who are not in a positiion to fight back. And nearly as loathsome are parishioners, like Jeff Chiow, who support Bob in his efforts. 

Here are screen caps: