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There’s a great article on Christianity Today about the pain that pastors of small churches feel when someone leaves their church. It’s compelling, and does a great job of succinctly capturing the frustration and sense of loss that clergy feel when people leave church. You can find the article here.

It’s also telling: None of it is accurate in Bob Malm’s case.

The author talks about his pain when people leave, his disappointment, and his desire that people recognize that, even if someone goes to another church, they all are part of the “same team.”

In Bob’s case, when I complained to him that a prominent member of the parish had left due to perceptions that his relationship with Bob was broken, he replied (exact quote). “Why should I give a fuck? People transfer all the time….” This occurred in front of witnesses.

In subsequent conversations, Bob went on to trash that person, as well as that person’s wife and his family.

In my case, of course, Bob tried to force us out of the church in retaliation for having complained about his conduct, including his bullying and his failure to safeguard church assets.

Folks, if you are going to spend almost $200,000 a year on a priest, at least do yourself a favor and get someone who actually cares about you and your wellbeing. Just because Bob smiles and is friendly doesn’t mean he gives a red rat’s rear end about you or the church.