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The recent spate of shootings in churches and schools is a painful tragedy that underscores the need for a holistic approach to address violence in our society, including better security, comprehensive gun control, and improved access to mental health care.

In this matter, it is a grave disservice to minimize the suffering of those affected. Even worse is when people try to trade on these losses in the pursuit of their personal agendas. And that is exactly what Bob Malm and his attorney, Jeff Chiow, have done in their recent legal pleadings, for they invoke the 2017 Texas church shootings in an effort to get a leg up in the current litigation. Even worse, they do so in a manner that indicates that theirs is a cheap, down and dirty throwaway tactic, for they get the name of the relevant city wrong, referring to it as “Sugarland,” versus “Sutherland Springs.” Even accounting for the errors that occur when using spell checker, how do you get one word out of two?

Bob Malm should be ashamed to trade on the suffering of others in this manner, and his willingness to do so speaks loudly to his personal and professional ethics. Such conduct is disgraceful and disrespectful.

Jeff Chiow, his attorney, needs to seriously evaluate his professional ethics, including those involving the drafting of pleadings and respect to other parties.