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Dr. Diane Landberg says this of her counseling center, which addresses the trauma caused by spiritual, emotional and sexual abuse in the church:Trauma is the mission field of the 21st century. 

Trauma disrupts life, dissolves relationships & hinders faith development wherever it is experienced. As an expression of the Gospel, missional Christians follow Jesus into the world to care for the least of these suffering the effects of trauma.

Newsflash: Caring for people does not involve accusing them of mental illness, filing bogus restraining orders against them, smear campaigns to their friends, or Jeff Chiow’s actions, which I will document here and elsewhere in October.

And yes, people in my family are traumatized by Bob Malm’s actions. And no, they will not be returning to the Christian faith. They’ve seen too many hypocrites unquestioningly defend Bob’s actions, with no understanding of the events that actually transpired.