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One of the things that is obvious from the emails and other items obtained directly from various third-party sources is that Bob Malm desperately wants to suppress release of documentation related to his misconduct.

For example, in several cases Bob, who knows he does not have a whole lot of credibility with folks at the Wartburg Watch, has trotted out his wife Leslie to plead his case for suppression, including of the original article about my experience with shunning at Grace Episcopal Church. The refrain is the usual Bob Malm fun and games, “You don’t care about the truth.” “Is that healthy?”  Blah, blah, blah.

Why is Bob so eager to suppress the truth? If, in fact, he believes that I have threatened him, why would he not want word spread as widely as possible? If you’re facing a security risk, isn’t the best way to address it to enlist the eyes and ears of the surrounding community?

I think the answer is clear, which is that Bob Malm knows full well that neither I, nor anyone in my family, has threatened him or anyone else. Instead, he tries to bootstrap his way into that argument by relying on misplaced perceptions of trust based on his ostensible role as clergy, then the endless smear tactics. “Is that healthy?”

If Bob really believed his own rhetoric, he would welcome full public disclosure and let the chips fall where they may. The fact that Bob feels the need, both directly and through Jeff Chiow, to try and game the system speaks more eloquently to his true motives than any statement I could make. And it speaks volumes to the personal and professional integrity of both Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow.

Moreover, the more ardently Bob and Jeff adhere to this position, the more thoroughly they undercut public perceptions, both of Grace Church and the Episcopal Church as a whole.

That may not be a bad thing.