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One of the truly troubling things about Bob Malm’s antics is his alleged claim, reported to me by a reliable source, that teachers at Grace School fear that I will come in and “shoot up the school.” Besides being utterly ludicrous — I am fully polygraphed, among other things, and have a spotless background — I seriously doubt that teachers really believe that, especially as I know most of them personally.

That said, signs suggest that Bob is uncomfortable discussing this matter publicly. Yet the recent vestry minutes, publicly available on Grace’s website, make explicit reference to the matter.

So which is it? Is Bob prepared to go public with his accusations? If he really believes his accusations, don’t people (church and school alike) have a right to know?

At the end of the day, my feeling is that Bob Malm puts his vendetta with me first, and the welfare of the church, the school, and his family second.

That’s pretty sad for a member of the clergy.