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Just saw a recent post from Leslie Malm over at Fairfax Underground. In it, she makes two false assertions of fact:

1) That I claim Mom is writing both blogs. The reality is that she only writes hers. I take full responsibility for my blog and do so proudly.

2) That I told SGT Salas of the Alexandria police department that Mom’s blog is actually my own. The reality is I said no such thing; indeed, Salas’ comeback was, “Well, lots of people think the blog is yours,” to which I replied, “They can think whatever they want.”

Despite her shaky track record when it comes to veracity, you at least have to give this much to Leslie Malm: She at least does not try to provide false information under the handle, “a long-time parishioner.”

By the way, for the record, my opposition to Bob stops when he cleans up his act. No lying, no bullying, no shunning. That goes for me and my Mom.