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It’s interesting to note that one of the things folks assume about this blog is that it’s a “gotcha” effort. But the reality is far more complex.

One well-documented effect of shunning is feelings of despair and hopelessness. At the start of Bob Malm’s campaign of shunning, I and my family did, indeed, suffer this feeling of utter isolation. But by blogging, I took control of the situation, and moved past Bob’s efforts to cause suffering and distress.
Today, Bob Malm hopes to shut down my blog, arguing that I am “hurting [his] ministry.” But if Bob’s ministry is one that must cause suffering in order to succeed, then I am happy to be the one to bring trouble to his “ministry,”
Moreover, only one person is responsible for Bob Malm’s actions, and the suffering they cause to other people. That person is Bob Malm, Episcopal priest, shunner, coward, and bully. Bob may dress like a priest, talk like a priest, and celebrate Mass like a priest, but at the end of the day, Bob is not a priest. 
He’s nothing but a super-annuated prep school bully.
Meanwhile, I am going to do whatever I need to recover and regroup from Bob’s bullying, and to make sure others aren’t sucked in by his lies, games, and manipulative power plays.