Summary: Grace Episcopal Controls Checklist

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By the way, have you read the complete internal controls checklist I posted previously? Bob Malm, rector of Grace Church, argues that he is not shrugging off his duties as rector. Yet, my review of the checklist reveals that more that 60 deficiencies exist in the church’s internal controls.

Moreover, there are a several what we will term “super deficiencies,” including the fact that the checklist is not done, nor even the requisite annual audit.
To make matters worse, it’s not like this is Bob’s first year on the job. Bob has been a priest for more than 40 years, and rector of Grace Church for more than 27 years. So, to the extent Bob doesn’t get it, it’s because he chooses NOT to get it.
Nor is Bob a bi-vocational priest struggling to make time for everything and everyone. Indeed, he is highly compensated, works only one job, and routinely plays fast and loose with his leave. I’ve had 4 days’ vacation in the last 20 years; my best estimation of Bob’s leave during that time is a total of 45 months. 
No wonder funds are fast drying up for The Episcopal Church. Who wants to work like a dog to make ends meet, while your donations subsidize the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for your very underworked priest?
So, plans continue to begin protesting outside Grace Church next week. Given Bob Malm’s contention that he’s playing by the book, this should be no issue at all. No doubt all involved quickly will recognize that he is doing a great job, so why worry?