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Great Article on The Wartburg Watch

There’s a great article today on my buddy Dee’s blog, The Wartburg Watch, in which Providence Presbyterian, a PCA church, tries to excommunicate a former member because it didn’t like his Facebook posts. In other words, it tries to pull a Bob Malm. Of course, had the church in question truly aspired to live up to perjuring priest… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria and Conflict: A Study in Failure

When an Episcopal church initiates a search for a new rector, one of the things it typically does is to complete an OTM profile. OTM stands for Office of Transition Ministry, and the latter maintains an online database for candidates, located at While we can explore some of the challenges inhere in the church’s current deployment system in… Read More »

More on Organizational Narcissism and Grace Episcopal Alexandria

In previous posts, I’ve written about my belief that Grace Episcopal Alexandria is a toxic family system that suffers from organizational narcissism. But what is the connection between narcissistic clergy and narcissistic churches? How does one lead to another? Experts agree that narcissistic clergy typically lead to narcissistic churches. That’s because narcissistic clergy instinctively build organizations that ultimately… Read More »

What Kind of Priest Will Grace Get?

The wife of a prominent local clergyperson, and friend of mine, once shared with me some wisdom derived from almost 50 years of serving different churches. Her comment: “There are two types of clergy: Ones who want to serve you, and ones who want you to serve them.” Perjuring priest Bob Malm clearly was the latter. To my… Read More »