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Further Thoughts on Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s New Gig

Yesterday, I posted about perjuring priest Bob Malm’s new gig, which is with St. Peter’s on-the-Canal in Bourne Massachusetts. Today’s post is a follow-up on that, and based on my research into the church, including a review of its parish profile, which was developed in conjunction with its search for a new rector. Specifically, I feel profoundly sorry… Read More »

Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Takes New Interim Gig

Sometimes, you really have to marvel at the lack of respect among diocesan leadership. That extends to Bishop Alan Gates, Bill Parnell, and the rest of the ding-a-lings at DioMass. Specifically, perjuring priest Bob Malm is now serving as interim rector at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church-on-the-Canal, in Buzzards Bay. That’s near his previous gig at St. Gabriel’s, where… Read More »